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Inflexor is on a mission to find and support audacious founders building technologies that define the future
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Inflexor is on a mission to find and support audacious founders building technologies that define the future
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After a fruitful five years of running our debut fund under the Parampara banner, the founders rebranded for our second innings with a much larger, India-focused technology fund.  

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Shibabrata Das


One of the best decisions we ever made in terms of fund raising was to partner with the Inflexor team early on in our journey. Their knowledge of deep tech venture is unparalleled in the VC industry and they recognise that such companies require patient financing.

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Renuka Diwan


"Inflexor Ventures' unwavering support has been pivotal for BioPrime's growth. Their profound understanding of deep tech, commitment to founder-centric values, and patient capital approach have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the biotech landscape, propelling BioPrime toward transformative success."

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Amar More


"Inflexor is our first external investor we have in our company and it has been an absolute pleasure working with them. They have helped not just in terms of cash investment but also in terms of supporting our technology roadmap, key hiring, and introductions to prospective customers as well as investors."

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Dinesh Advani


"We are incredibly grateful for Inflexor’s unwavering support and partnership over the past few years. The team at Inflexor is sharp, practical and very easy to work with. Their insightful guidance, and dedication to our success, have been instrumental in our journey from the early stages to our current growth phase"

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From former entrepreneurs to former teachers, the Inflexor Ventures team is as vibrant as the founders we back.

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