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Inflexor is on a mission to find and support audacious founders building technologies that define the future
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What outsized impact does the product have in its industry?
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How defensible and unique is the technology foundation?
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What value can we add to the founding team to help them achieve their vision?

We are a driven bunch of entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, and finance geeks who are on this exciting journey of finding and supporting free-spirited thinkers, visionaries and passionate hustlers who want to leave a lasting impact on the future of the world.

At Inflexor, we give a lot of attention to two key aspects of a business - People & Technology. When we started out about half a decade ago, we were on the look-out for audacious founders leveraging cutting edge technologies to solve for deep problems in the world or to create the next wave of innovative technologies for the future. Half a decade of experience later, our belief and emphasis on these two key aspects of business has only increased.

Inflexor is a deep-tech focused multi-stage investment fund looking at investing in early-stage companies from Seed to Series B stages. While deep-tech is a generic term and encompasses multiple technological domains, we at Inflexor define deep-tech as any technology IP which is unique and defensible with a high barrier of entry and which can create an outsized impact on its industry (thereby impacting the world at large, indirectly). Over the last few years, we have invested across technologies ranging from cyber security, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and space tech.

At the Fund, we constantly repeat this phrase that “any business is as strong as the people who are driving it”. In line with this, our one-line pitch to founders is that “We stand by our founders”. We believe in backing the founder’s vision and place strong emphasis on supporting them in critical business areas including strategy, technology, team building, and future fund raises. In supporting our founders achieve their vision, we hope that Inflexor will create its own lasting impact on the world in the years to come.

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